2018 H&S Manufacturing 18' HDNR Forage Box

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18' HDNR Forage Box



  • “HDNR" Forage Boxes are available in either HD 7-4 (cross conveyor), or HD Twin Auger front unload systems w/PTO front unload drive as standard, and hydraulic drive front unload as optional.
  • The aluminized forage boxes are available in front & rear unload.
  • A simple trouble-free variable speed drive lets you match just the right unload speed to the crop type, load condition and blower capacity.
  • H&S uses three - 18" 4 bar H.D. spiral type beaters - not augers. Aggressive in handling tough material, they are even feeding. All three beaters are mounted in the head, not auxiliary panels in the box. Beater shafts are 1 1/4" & equipped with greasable bearings.
  • A separate clutch allows you to start and clear the cross conveyor or augers before you start the beaters or main apron conveyors.
  • HDNR forage box frames feature heavy 5" channel cross members and 2.5" x 2.5" side stakes.
  • On all rear unload boxes, once the tailgate safety lock is released, the self-locking mechanism unlocks automatically while unloading and locks shut when the tailgate closes.
  • An optional 12" folding cross conveyor extension, or a 24" spring assist cross conveyor extension can be ordered on the HDNR 7-4.
  • Options include a gravity unload grain hopper for small grains, and an front-to-rear electric roll tarp to keep that valuable forage from blowing out during transport.
  • Inside Width: 7' 4"
  • Inside Height (Floor To Top of Side): 86"
  • Inside Length: 18'
  • Overall Width: 108"
  • Overall Length: 21' 6"
  • Standard Box Side Height: 106"
  • Standard Box Overall Height At Top Pivots Door: 121"
  • Front Unload Box Capacity: 913 cu.ft.
  • Front & Rear Unload Box Capacity: 933 cu.ft.
  • Weight - Front Unload Box: 7500#
  • Weight - Front & Rear Unload Box: 7700#
  • Apron Chain - Front Unload Box: Rod Chain - Standard; 667h, 667x & 667xh - Optional
  • Apron Chain - Front & Rear Unload Box: 667h Pintle Chain - Standard; 667x & 667xh Pintle Chain - Optional
  • Cross Feed - HD 7-4: 22" Wide - CA550 Chain With Welded SLats; Right or Left Hand Discharge
  • Unloading Beaters: 3 - 18" - 4 Bar Spiral — Even Feed
  • Main Apron Speed: Variable Speed Drive — 12 Unload Speeds
  • Front Drive Sequence: Bronze Worm Gear Box — #80 Roller Chain — 13/4" Main Apron Drive Shaft
  • Power Source: 540 PTO or Hydraulic Drive
  • Emergency Stop Clutch: Standard
  • Rear Unload Drive: HD 7-4 Choice Of Hydraulic Drive or P.T.O. Drive; HD Twin Auger Hydraulic Rear Drive Only
  • Rear Unload Speed: Unload Time Is Dependent On Tractor R.P.M., Hydraulic Pressure And gpm
  • Rear Endgate: Automatic Lock And Unlock
  • Roof: Optional
  • Rear Gate Delay: Optional
Warranty: See Operators Manual for warranty details and limitations. H&S reserves the right to change its products or the description at any time without notice or obligation. Models and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



913 cu.ft.


21 ft. 6 in.
121 in.
7500 lb.

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