2017 H&S Manufacturing 406 Running Gear - Single Axle

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H&S Manufacturing
406 Running Gear - Single Axle



  • Capacity: 6 Ton
  • Weight W/tires: 732 lb. W/9.5l
  • Tread Width: 74 in.
  • Spindles: 1.75 in.
  • Hubs: 6 Bolt
  • Bolster: 3 in. X 6 in.
  • C-Reach: 10 Gauge
  • Wheel Base: 119 in. To 159 in. In 10 in. Increments
  • Standard Wheel: 15 X 6
  • Wheel Options: N/a
  • Brakes: N/a
  • Back Hitch: N/a
  • Telescoping Pole: 77 in. Fixed, Extends To 89 in.
  • H&S models 406, 408, 410, 412, and 415 have L-shaped front spindles with structural bracing to withstand high stresses from shock loads.
  • Models 416, 417, and 420 utilize a T style spindle assembly, and use truck type steering because of increased torque loads that result from the use of wide flotation or truck tires.
  • Models 415 through 420 - utilize thrust bearings to assure dependable, smooth turning and straight trailing.
  • The tele-pole is made of structural tubing and the mounting plates have wide spacing between them to reduce sway and increase the strength of the pole.
  • King Pin, Hitch Pin, Spindles, Tie Rod Ends and Tie Rod Steering Pivot Point are all wear protected by replaceable oil impregnated steel bushings and are greaseable as well.
  • Full contact Turn stops distributes the pressure exerted in tight dragging turns along the bolster face - this reduces the possibility of bunk damage or collapse.
  • All H&S 4 wheel models (except the 406) have a rear hitch.
  • Running gears from 12 ton on up have 4-bolt brake flanges as standard equipment so that optional hydraulic surge brakes may be installed.
  • The tie rod is positioned behind the bolster on all models and is a one-piece design that reduces the number of wear point that could change the toe-in and tracking.
  • A rocking bolster is standard on the 416 running gear.
  • A spring assist tongue is standard on all models (except the 406, where it is optional) and it is adjustable from a light assist to full support.
  • Stake pocket wear plates are standard on ALL MODELS!



6 Ton
732 lb. W/9.5l

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